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Elizations is a swedish slow fashion brand founded in 2021 by Eli H.

We create unique handmade knitwear & digital knitting patterns, so that you can express your uniqueness knowing that no one will ever wear the same garment as you. There will never be two identical pieces at Elizations! 


We use LOTS of colors in our creations and love to experiment with different shapes and forms. Cropped sweaters with extravagant sleeves are our favourites! 


All pieces are carefully hand-knitted or crocheted by one person, therefore the stock is limited.

We also sell knitting patterns so that you can create clothes with your own hands and be super proud of yourself. The possibilities with knitting are endless, so feel free to experiment as much as you want and HAVE FUN!

Who is the person behind Elizations ? 

"My name is Eli & I am a 22 years old person with a passion for fashion and design. Clothing has really been a way of expressing myself and finding out who I am.

I get my inspiration from the 70s when it comes to flared & extravagant designs. And I love my pieces to be very colorful because it makes me happy when I see them. Colors are a perfect way to brighten up your day."


This is a queer-owned business and safe space for LGBTQ+ people. 

We stand against racism and discrimination. 

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