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Care guide

We strive to use the best materials possible so that the garments hold a good quality over time.

However, it is handmade so be aware that there can be imperfections.

Try to wash your knitted pieces as little as possible! And follow the guide down below.



Hand-wash only, in a sink filled with cold water and a tiny bit of gentle detergent, preferably wool wash detergent. 

Let the knitted piece sit in for a few minutes. Then fill another sink to rinse

off the detergent. 

IMG_0608 2.jpg


Never squeeze out the water by twisting the garment! Instead, gently press the water out with your hands and roll the knitted piece in a towel. Step on it to get the water out.


Repeat this step with a new towel if there is still too much water. 

Dry flat on top of a towel and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Do not use a drying machine!



Store flat. Never hang the knitted piece as it can change the shape of it. 


If pieces of yarn or snags start to show (it can happen and it is normal as it is handmade), DO NOT CUT THEM.  

Hide them by pulling them with your fingers or a crochet hook into the wrong side of the garment.

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